Champaign {Art Salon} Carnaval Obscura Artists Alex Tecza and Katja Lindholm Oct 24th & 25th



Alex Tecza and Katja Lindholm are former competitive ballroom dancers. Their achievements include titles of Professional national and world finalists, Dancers Cup Tour professional couple of the year awards and several wins in professional smooth, standard and showdance divisions. Since retiring from ballroom competitions Alex and Katja have continued to teach, perform, and learn many different dance styles ranging from ballroom to modern dance to contact improvisation. As part of their continued growth as artists, Alex and Katja are always striving to expand their dance and performance vocabulary into other forms and techniques. To reach these goals, they have recently begun collaborating with a wide range of other dancers, musicians, visual artists and film makers to create new performance art that melds all types of dancing, music and media together.



Katherine Bokenkamp is a senior Vocal Performance major at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign studying under Prof. Ricardo Herrera. This summer she participated in the Daniel Ferro Vocal Program in Greve in Chianti, Italy and Scuola Italia’s Program for Young Opera Singers in Sant’ Angelo in Vado, Italy. She is also a recent member of the Illini Dancesport Team.

Colleen Borchard has been playing cello for 13 years and studied under two wonderful instructors, Megan Scott and Janet Jensen, who taught her everything she knows about the cello and music. But before she ever played her first note, Colleen knew how she wanted to live her life; she wanted to share the beauty she saw in the world with others. She has explored this passion through being a peer advisor at college and ballroom dancing, but her favorite venue has been music. So, when this project arose she recognized it as the perfect opportunity to continue living that dream; she could connect not only with the musician, but the dancers as well, bringing more harmony to an already beautiful art form. In the future, she plans to collaborate on projects like this while pursuing her long-term dream of becoming a school teacher.

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