artistic vision



The core philosophy of my work is to challenge audiences to extend beyond their previously held notions of performance through the collaboration of various art forms. Through the use of dance improvisation, I search for an honest approach to movement. This process continues to open my awareness of space and has offered huge insight into my identity as an artist and a mover. I have developed a love for film and video, which leads me to new possibilities for choreography. I do not confine myself to one medium; I believe there is value in being able to speak many languages. With my sights set firmly on the frontiers of performance, I synthesize sound, moving image, design and technology into an imaginative whole. I find that the beauty of experiencing life to its fullest is by opening myself to all possibilities, allowing myself not to be confined by expectation. Seeing how far one can expand their work without boundaries is a reflection of the human spirit and its undeniable need to create, experience and overcome.

There is an essential connection between art and life, which can facilitate healing and change. I find that there is wisdom of the body that can be expressed through movement. We live in a world challenged by a widening gap between those with great resources and those with few. “The integration of the body, movement, art, and healing, an embodied life-art process, is our ethical criteria for a sustainable life.” (Anna Halprin)