Moving Into Wholeness Workshop

I’m excited to be teaching a series of movement workshops. Class dates are: July 21st. Aug 11th and Aug 25th from11:00am-2:00pm. Come experience a journey of self reflection and insight through authentic movement, improvisation, and body work within the context of therapeutic dance, mediation, and contemporary movement improvisation.

Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to take your dancing and health to new heights! As space is limited, pre-registration is required. Please contact the studio if you have more questions! Contact Master Dance Studio at (847) 359-8062 or email:

Letting Go!

” When you come to the edge of all the light you have and you must take a step into the darkness of the unknown, believe that one of two things will happen to you: either there will be something solid for you to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.” Patric Overton

I’m still teaching the Moving Into Wholeness workshops at the Grace House and the women there are making interesting realizations in recognizing their habits of perception. We are continuing to work together with partners, exploring and sensing the bodies inner in-pluses.

One woman realized, while dancing with her partner, that she is scared to listen to her own instincts. While dancing with a partner, with her eyes closed, she felt at ease but the moment her partner stepped away, allowing the opportunity for her to move on her own, she began to feel uncomfortable. She started to question her own choices. She began to look inside herself and found it extremely uncomfortable to allow herself to choose. She did not trust herself. She realized that she succumbs to others and their desires. Her own wants and desires are insignificant and unworthy compared to others.

Other women had the opposite reaction. Some women found themselves wanting to always be in control, even at their partners expense. This lead us to the question of, “what does it take for one to become a good guide?” and their answer was, “one has to become a good listener.” They spoke of their situations in “everyday life”, with their friendships, their lovers and their families. One woman commented that she finds herself holding on so much, terrified of letting go to the fear of losing control”, to the point where she doesn’t even hear and sense what her partner is trying to communicate. She said, “it’s time for me to let some of that control go, it’s time for me to be a good listener.”

I love how I am developing relationships with these beautiful women during these workshops. I try to enter the space without judgement. I know nothing about their past, only the present. I see women taking control and taking on responsibility. I see women owning up to their own power, their own strength. I see them beginning to trust their own choices and question their reactions and perceptions with control, intelligence and dignity. I see women letting go, finding freedom, finding trust and giving support to others, all through listening and coming back “home” to the body. Finding courage and strength in the body, dancing to find peace and freedom, allowing oneself to feel comfort in their body, brings self esteem, love, and courage in ones heart. I am grateful to witness these realizations and I thank each of them for their courage to let go.

The Grace House Women: Pushing it!

Moving Into Wholeness Workshops:
Presently, I am conducting movement workshops at the Grace House (a residential program that provides interim housing, emotional and spiritual support, and professional counseling to women who are exiting the Illinois prison system)
The women of Grace House amaze me every week! It is compelling to witness their strength and beauty during their weekly workshop. Often I instruct them to work together with a partner , one being a “guide” while the other, with their eyes closed, is gently moved through the space. Many times during the exercise the women run into “problems” or situations where they might gently bump into each other, by accident, or bump into a wall, chair or some kind of obstacle. It is so fascinating to watch people, in just these simple movement exercises, how they handle awkward moments, how they react and how they choose to get out of it. At times some of them start laughing nervously, others get scared and jerk away, while others relax and trust their guides to help them through.

During our sessions we talk about how the body reacts in these types of situations and how sometimes the body tenses up, enabling to move. Realizing that if they just relax, ground themselves and find their breath, they’re able to move through the situation with ease. They also realized that they need to “let go”, TRUST their guide and most importantly TRUST themselves. I also point out how the body talks to you everyday. The body gives important information every second and if you listen, you can receive and understand so much about yourself and how and why you might be feeling a particular way.

One woman paralleled her experience with her everyday life. She said that bumping into “obstacles” was like “running into” difficult situations in life. She noticed how her body reacted and came to understand that her body’s reaction is a reflection of how she copes with tense situations. Her body reacted by pulling away and shutting off. She realized that she runs from awkward moments and doesn’t like to face the realities of the situation. Instead of facing her “fear” or in her words “push through it” she avoids it. She began to ask herself: When one is challenged, how does one figure out how to overcome that challenge? How does one work through awkward times? What choices does one have and how does one decide what type of choice to make? Do I have choices?

The goal of the exercise is to understand the choices one makes. It is also about understanding the types of choices, noticing that one has many choices and then knowing how to go about making the right choice, all by listening through movement of the body. To see clearly the choices in front of you, make the right decision and then understand how to go about it, are the hardest but most fulfilling moments. It is the transitions that are the hardest to push through. They all started to realize that these simple movement exercises are just not for fun but are gently pushing them to face themselves! By the end of the conversation one woman spoke out and said “Its now time to start pushing it!”.

I look forward to my weekly sessions with the women of Grace House and I look forward to posting updates of our discoveries.

Till then!