Philosophy of Teaching

There is an essential connection between art and life, which can facilitate healing and change. I find that there is wisdom of the body that can be expressed through movement. By developing ones awareness, imagination and creativity, the studio is a place to discover these creative possibilities.

As a teacher, I value the personal responsibilities of awareness to the inner directions the students have in realizing that the body is a source of knowledge that informs kinesthetic awareness.  I encourage students to understand how movement can reveal a state of mind. By analyzing their own experiences, integrating mind and body, dancers become experts of their own capacity. I encourage creativity, autonomy, sense of personal responsibility and understanding of ones kinesthetic growth.

My class uses a combination of experiential investigations, body mind connections, engaging in a holistic context, with the support of the Bartenieff and Laban fundamentals. Focusing on the four inter-related categories of Body/ Effort/Shape/Space, I give combinations and across the floor work that builds the students’ stamina. The exploration of big movement patterns helps to facilitate a sense of moving through space, which focuses on spatial intent, weight transference, effort intention, initiation and sequencing. The use of floor work and level changes is key in developing core support, finding the body’s center of weight while releasing in and out of the floor.

I like to think of technique as an investigational tool. Improvisation in a technique class helps to promote this investigation of self and body. I use imagery to create a different reality for the students in hopes that the students can transcend beyond their own tendencies and habits, into a greater use of efficiency and bodily possibilities. I encourage students to focus on the feeling of the movement rather than simply on its outward appearance.

Not only do I try to encourage students to have appreciation with their bodies and their surroundings but as well, I like to practice these values as a teacher. I enter the studio with sensitivity, listening to the students in hopes of having a better understanding of their diversity and needs. I like to encourage openness for dialogue and communication. As a teacher, I feel that giving a gentle guidance, allowing the student to discover on their own accord, is sometimes the best way for understanding ones own growth.  Looking at the body as a source of knowledge as well as a tool for expressive movement and art making is the ideal for which I continuously strive to achieve.

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