Research Abstract


Dance can be seen as a tool to examine the multiple facets of integrated details created in all finite moments of time and space. My current research examines the observation and description of what is happening currently through movement, sound and image. I believe that dance has an amazing power to bring awareness to the audience and performer, allowing one to examine the present with a microscopic lens, while having the affect of the manipulation of time. Through detailed and structured improvisations, I explore how dance can shift and change providing different scenes of possibility.

My process examines the affects consciousness has on our physical and mental identities and explores the consequence Quantum Science and Analytic Psychological theories has on defining the behavioral codes in one’s community. My previous work, Shift, deliberated Carl Jung’s theories of archetypal personas and quantum mechanics. During the creative process I used improvisation and authentic movement to bring awareness to the individual. Through these experiments the dancer zeroed in to a situation, examining the present. This sensation created a sense of time slowing down; the dancers started to see movement and performance with a different perspective and in the end so did the observer. This “zeroing in” affect, with the use of different improvisational tools, gave us the chance to make decisions based on a natural impulse affected by the present. My concern during the improvisation was not be controlled by the impulse to “compose” movement. The result of the performance had no concept of time, past/present/future; it was all one of the same. Not only did the creative process continued to challenge my perspective and the performers’ perception of dance and dance making, but it also challenged the audience perception of dance, environment and time.

I am interested in how structured improvisations with composed phrase work, when determined at given moments by the choice of the dancers, shapes when and where the material is conducted. This type of work creates a series of different codes or “forces” that shift and guide the outcomes. The idea of forces that affect outcomes causing different energetic forces on physical matter is clearly explained in the quantum theories as well as in dance. For example, when a stone is dropped into a pool of water the affect of the energetic force that occurs when the stone penetrates the water’s surface, creates rings or waves rippling outward from the center. The internal wave action is not affected by the outer rings nor has any correlation or conception of the outer affects. This viewpoint is the base of my work. Does the action of what happen at a given moment to one dancer affects the happening of another? During a performance the dancers are, one might say, in correlation with one another. I could go as far as saying the audience, musicians and lights can be in correlation with one another. The performers and the observers are mini “subsystems” that are visible, interacting with one another at any given time. The phenomenology for investigating what kinds of correlations can coexist with one another is what I am most interested in. I continue to strive how we can change our perceptions in understanding and witnessing dance through the occurrence of these phenomena’s.

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