Dance Classes and Workshops

Intro to The Alexander Technique Workshop: Finding Freedom & Ease of Movement


During this workshop, we will examine Alexander’s concepts and explore how they apply to daily and specialized activities. The Alexander Technique offers a clear look into the principles of human movement that will guide you to a dynamic, kinesthetic lightness.  Through hands-on exercises and experiential activities, students will gain a deeper understanding to the technique and how they can apply the Alexander Technique to all aspects of living.

The Spiral/Ballroom Project

  • September 27th at 2-4pm
  • Master Dance 297 N Northwest Hwy Palatine, IL 60067 (847) 359-8062
  • $25
  • Registration Required Space Limited


I will be co-teaching with AT teacher Becky Nettl-Fiol and ballroom dance teachers Katja Lindholm and Alex Tecza.

In this workshop we will explore the double-spiral musculature of the human body and how it can help refine and enhance the ballroom technique. Students will get a chance to work on Alexander Technique exercises and apply new techniques to dance figures.

Weekly Contemporary Movement Class

Every FRIDAY from 7 pm – 8:30 pm @ Master Dance

297 N Northwest Hwy
Palatine, IL 60067
(847) 359-8062


The Contemporary Dance Class runs in twelve week courses. In this class you will be given combinations and across the floor work that builds stamina. The intention of the class is to develop awareness, imagination and creativity through movement. You will dance both on your own and with other dancers in this class.

Ballet Fundamentals at the Mettler Center

Every MONDAY from 7:15 am – 8:15 am


Tone your body from head to toe with ballet positions and movements designed to lengthen and strengthen the muscles. You will sculpt the long, lean muscles of the legs and glutes through a combination of effective barre and floor work. No previous ballet experience is necessary.

Mindful Movement at the Mettler Center

Every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY from 3:30pm-4:15pm


An eclectic class with inspiration from dance, Qi Gong, the Alexander Technique, and various styles of yoga. Focusing on balance, breath, flexibility, and overall movement. Exercise your mind and body while expanding your fitness awareness in this unique class.

Flex and Flow at The Mettler Center

Every WEDNESDAY from 4:30pm – 5:20 pm

Sweat a little and challenge yourself in this Vinyasa-style yoga that builds heat, strength, and flexibility through repetitive flows followed by long holds, using breath-synchronized movement.

Private Yoga Lessons: at the Mettler Center

Enjoy private yoga customized to your individual goals and abilities, at times which suit you best. Private yoga is a fantastic way to learn, improve, or explore new possibilities.

Work with an experienced yoga instructor to:

  • Get started in yoga
  • Deepen your current practice
  • Focus on personal interests, goals, skills
  • Address injury or therapeutic concerns
  • Provide consistency/accountability
  • Develop a personalized home routine

Moving Into Wholeness: Expression of the Inner Self at Urban Lotus.

Monthly Workshops at Urban Lotus Yoga.
2950 w Chicago Ave Suite #201
Chicago, IL 60622
Dates will be announced.

Come explore the practice of Authentic Movement, Improvisation and Body Work used for creative exploration in the contexts of dance movement therapy, meditation, contemporary movement improvisation and a journey of discovery. Through improvisation and touch, movers will explore spontaneous gestures with their eyes opened and closed, following their inner impulses in the present moment. This type of work cultivates a contemplative frame of mind, clarity of perception and stillness of body and mind. Through contact improvisation and different authentic movement exercises, students will explore the particular relationship between mover and witness, creating relationships with a moving partners, while creating a non-judgmental framework within which this work can takes place.



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